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Vaccine nationalism: The colonial spectre endangering developing countries (and everyone else)

“Perhaps the only unifying thing here is the sordid outcome: vaccine nationalism is steadily endangering both its ‘poverty-stricken’ victims and the powers who perpetuate it.”

Kanengo examines the imperialist history and dangerous consequences of vaccine nationalism.

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The Race to Rollout: A look at how the vaccine is being administered around the world.

Over the last month, countries across the globe have begun distributing long-awaited vaccines. They are not, however, the quick-fix many had hoped for. Not only are there multiple versions of the vaccine, but there are competing regulatory agencies, arguments over who should receive it first, and prices that range from $3- $62 per dose, depending Read More…

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Developing world at the mercy of vaccine elitism

On the 8th of December last year, a British citizen was the first to receive the Pfizer vaccine. Just one month later, 2.4 million doses have been administered in the UK, with an aim to increase this number to 15 million by the 15th of February. Unfortunately, in this race for immunity, developing countries have Read More…

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Oxford University announces landmark partnership for the development of COVID-19 vaccine

The University of Oxford announced today their agreement with AstraZeneca, a UK-based global biopharmaceutical company, to develop, manufacture and potentially distribute at a large scale the COVID-19 vaccine which is currently being worked on and trialled by the University. The partnership has been solidified now, with finer details and terms to be finalised in the Read More…

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An Arms Race Against Coronavirus

The global invasion of the novel Coronavirus, now christened COVID-19, shows no sign of stopping. In the most recent situation report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are upwards of 85,000 confirmed cases of the virus, 1753 of which are new cases in the last 24 hours alone. While 93% of these cases remain Read More…