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With 215,000 American citizens dead, is its democracy next?

Regardless of the election’s outcome a sizeable proportion of the population will be deeply angered by the result and will cite reasons why the vote was illegitimate (both real, like voter suppression, and imagined, like widespread voter fraud). With the population already at a fever pitch after months of civil unrest, it is almost certain that there will be protests and riots featuring violent clashes. Faith in government will undoubtedly suffer. Soon America’s democracy may be added to COVID-19’s ever-growing death toll.


Mail-In Ballots: This Is Not A Coup

“Despite its clear importance, the concern over a potential ‘theft’ of the election in November has been massively overblown.”

Recent concern over the USPS and some of President Trump’s comments has led to a fear of voter suppression by the current administration. William McCathie argues that, actually, we have nothing to fear.

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Kanye for President?

Famous musicians using their platforms to espouse their political opinions is not a new phenomenon. It is also not remotely new that even musicians who otherwise produce completely apolitical music use their fame to put forward these opinions. And this phenomenon has only increased as artists have wrestled their public presentation and narrative away from Read More…

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Is coronavirus increasing support for Bernie Sanders?

Bernie Sanders is the current US state Senator from Vermont and was a candidate for US presidential election in both 2016 and now in 2020. He famously runs on a democratic-socialist platform, having his campaign platform situated as very left leaning on the US political spectrum. Sanders, at his core, has created a ‘political revolution’ Read More…

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Chaos in the caucus: a student volunteer’s story of a dramatic week in Iowa

“When I boarded my flight to Iowa, I had no idea four days later I would be a precinct captain, grabbing the microphone from the caucus chair and fact-checking CNN.”

Annalise Myre, an undergraduate in Georgetown University Class of 2023, comments on her experience as a student volunteer for Joe Biden’s campaign for the fraught Iowa caucus earlier this year.

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Sanders steals the show in New Hampshire as former front-runners stumble

Bernie Sanders looks set to win the New Hampshire primary after 97% of votes were counted in the Granite state. Sanders edged out Pete Buttigieg to claim victory, whilst Amy Klobuchar beat former front-runners Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden to third place. Sanders, a Senator from Vermont since 2007, received 25.9% of the votes counted. Read More…

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New Hampshire primary preview: the view from the ground

Today, the people of New Hampshire will head to the voting booths to decide which candidate their state will support for the Democratic presidential nomination in July. Preceding the primary, an army of volunteers and campaign field workers knocked on doors and made phone calls all across the state vying for votes for their candidate. Read More…