Global Affairs

Watch This Space: how the new Space Race is different from the first

Late on Friday night, as Oxford students worked, dozed, or staggered out of the pub, mission controllers at Beijing’s China National Space Administration (CNSA) set a new milestone in the new space race. At 23.18, the Zhurong rover touched down successfully on Mars’s Utopia Planitia basin. This makes China the third nation to land a Read More…

Cultures Literature

Too Much Reality?!: Why technology is absent from literature

We have had mobile phones for almost fifty years, social media in some capacity for the last twenty, and the iPhone for thirteen. For most, day-to-day life is so bound together by technology that it is hard to discern the difference between the world we live in online and the one we physically inhabit. We Read More…


COVID-19: A time for schools to level up their edtech game

Deep down, I am a little envious of the sixth formers who were supposed to take their A-Levels and International Baccalaureate (IB) exams this summer. COVID-19 has thrown everyone off guard and even our very own Oxford University has canceled all face-to-face teachings and resorted to remote learning for Trinity Term. This disease is proving Read More…


Facial recognition technology: Intrusive or Necessary?

On 20th February, the Metropolitan Police deployed facial recognition technology for the second time in London, this time at Oxford Circus. The cameras scan the faces of people walking by and compare them against a known ‘watchlist’ so that the police can approach them if they are flagged. The Met claims that the technology creates Read More…

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World-leading brands join global initiative to curb harmful online content

The Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) has launched a three-point strategy to foster safer digital environments with world-leading advertising brands. The bid to remove harmful digital advertising includes tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and puts them to task to do better.