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St John’s Occupation, one year on: college have “failed to keep their promises”, campaign says

One year on from the pitching of tents on the front quad of St John’s College, the group behind the occupation, which called on the College to remove its investments from fossil fuel companies, have argued that “St John’s have failed to keep the promises they made.” In recognition of the one-year milestone, Direct Action Read More…

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Changing the Face of Oxford: panel discussion at St John’s

On Wednesday evening, St John’s JCR and Oxford First-Gen played host to five speakers in a discussion entitled Working Together in Changing the Face of Oxford. The panel brought together speakers from a diverse range of organisations working to increase diversity in Oxford. Dr Peter Claus kicked off by explaining how his access programme uses Read More…

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Protests draw to a close at St John’s

After occupying the Front Quad at St John’s since Wednesday, protesters from Direct Action for Divestment Oxford have cleared up camp. Protesters had occupied the quad to force the College to divest its endowment from fossil fuels. St John’s College has been criticised for having invested £8.1 million in Shell and BP. Following a meeting Read More…

Climate change protesters at St. John's
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St John’s campaigners compromise as occupation comes to a close

A protest organised by Direct Action for Divestment Oxford will come to an end tomorrow at 2pm. By the time the protesters leave, they will have occupied the Front Quad at St John’s College for 96 hours and successfully brought divestment to the top of the agenda. However, the occupation failed in its main aim Read More…

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St John’s student stand off stretches to fourth day

College turns up the heat to force protesters off the lawn amidst rumours the College is seeking a court order St John’s College is attempting to undermine the student protesters demanding the College stop investing in companies exposed to fossil fuels, such as BP and Shell. Student protesters have occupied the Front Quad at St Read More…