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Coping with lockdown 2.0 in music

A comforting and uplifting musical assortment to raise our spirits in a(nother) time of need:

1. Fleetwood Mac – Don’t Stop

This version, with the full marching band, is the happiest song in the world. Find the performance on YouTube, it’s quite wonderful. And don’t stop thinking about tomorrow – it will all get better. Just take it day by day.

2. Jackie Wilson – (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher

You’ll long for a season when you can run up some hills/open all the car windows and blast this out. Summer will roll around again… but for now we just have to make the best of the 4pm darkness. At least it means Christmas is coming.

3. Harry Styles – Golden

I’m not a major Harry fan, but I watched that music video.

4. Birdy – Keeping Your Head Up

The ultimate nostalgia hit, yet so relevant to these times.

5. The Lemonheads – Straight To You

Soothing, gorgeous, lullaby material.

6. Lorde – Perfect Places

I listened to this one constantly during lockdown (the first one). Good for dancing in the dark when nobody’s watching.

7. Rusted Root – Send Me on My Way

I can’t be alone in associating this with the film Matilda, but let’s face it, Miss Honey is boss.

8. The Beatles – Let it Be

This used to play constantly on long family car journeys. A strange choice in hindsight but (in my opinion) the most beautiful Beatles song.

9. Of Monsters and Men – Crystals

Some Icelandic indie folk/rock just for a different vibe.

10. Father John Misty – Real Love Baby

This ballad turns out to be a nice accompaniment to washing up.

11. The Walkabouts – The Light Will Stay On

A tonally interesting, hope-infused piece from an underrated band.

12. Peter Gabriel – Heroes

How could we NOT end with a Peter Gabriel cover of Bowie? An iconic build-up and everyone can shout that ‘IIIII’ (on the street or alternatively, out of your window if you’re in isolation).

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