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OUAFC women’s team awarded equal Blues specifications

The OUAFC (Oxford University Association Football Club) women’s team now hold the same Blues specifications as the men’s team, after the Oxford Blues Committee passed the motion by 36 votes to 4. A merger with the men’s team also means that the 2020-21 season will be the first in which the OUAFC budget will be Read More…

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Fears for return of sport in Michaelmas as Oxford University Sport launches new mobile app

This week, Oxford University Sport announced the launch of a free mobile app to provide information about bookings, virtual classes and the reopening of university sport facilities. The new app is set to facilitate access to virtual classes as well as updates on when the Iffley Road Sports Centre facilities are set to reopen after Read More…

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Premier League football set to resume

Top-flight football is set to return, following the Premier League’s announcement that fixtures would provisionally restart on Wednesday June 17th, with Aston Villa playing Sheffield United and Manchester City facing Arsenal. It is then expected that a full set of fixtures will be played over the weekend of June 19th, 20th and 21st. This announcement, Read More…


English football’s coronavirus conundrum

“You could be looking at 40, 50, 60 clubs in the pyramid ceasing to trade within the next six to twelve months”. That is the startling assessment of Huddersfield Town chairman Phil Hodgkinson on the outlook for the lower league teams in the English Football League (EFL) in light of the coronavirus pandemic. It reflects the conundrum Read More…


“Who was that to?!” – Memories of an “active” childhood

“In Year 3, I went to a bowling-themed birthday party organised by our PE coach (how those parties were ever fashionable continues to baffle me). Everyone got a certificate for “Best Aim”, “Most Strikes”, etc. What did I get? You know it. “Best Effort.” I’ve accrued an impressive amount of “sportsmanship” (read: consolation) awards.”