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Too Much Reality?!: Why technology is absent from literature

We have had mobile phones for almost fifty years, social media in some capacity for the last twenty, and the iPhone for thirteen. For most, day-to-day life is so bound together by technology that it is hard to discern the difference between the world we live in online and the one we physically inhabit. We Read More…

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Nice to Meet You, I’m a Slut! What’s Your Snapchat Sexy?;)

…The Cloud, is probably brimming with dicks, tits, and all other anatomical ‘best bits’ as the internet is currently the only place we can ‘flaunt it’ so-to-speak. This is by no means a bad thing in and of itself; viva la nip is all I’m saying


Words of Wisdom: More Harm Than Good?

In light of the current global pandemic, all it takes is one scroll through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (or your other preferred choice of social media) to be bombarded with information, news and tips for dealing with COVID-19 and being in ‘lockdown.’ However, words of wisdom are presenting us with an interesting, and potentially problematic, dichotomy.


Fake news and Covid-19: defeating misinformation in a post-truth world

A run-in with fake news February. A time before social distancing, silent cities, and closed universities. Toilet roll and spaghetti still happily line supermarket aisles. The total number of coronavirus cases in the UK has barely edged past a dozen. And the official line from Downing Street remains one of attentive personal hygiene. All these Read More…