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Soundtrack to the Movie of Your Life, Part 1

Illustration by Yii-Jen Deng

I’m somebody who is pretty much always listening to music, whether while walking, studying, or even sleeping… While this does lead to an unhealthy number of minutes in my Spotify Wrapped every year, it does mean that I am always discovering new music. I’ve started to track my “song of the day” in a playlist which I update daily – hopefully, if I keep this up, it will have 365 songs in it by the end of the year. It not only encourages me to expand my music horizons, but it also gives me a key memory for each day, in the form of a song. So, I thought I’d run through the last couple of songs that have been added to this playlist, and explain why they sum up my week, or why they’re just amazing songs, even though they may not make for the most cohesive playlist.

I Go To Sleep – Z Berg

This song is a recent discovery from my Spotify Discover Weekly playlist. I have to say, their algorithm has become pretty good at giving me music that is tailored to my taste (although that’s probably because they have a lot of listening time to work with…). If you don’t already use this feature of Spotify, you definitely should! This song is so beautiful; it has the softest vocals, with a delicate piano melody. The lyrics sing of somebody falling asleep wishing that they were with a loved one, dreaming of the possibility. It’s quite poetic, both instrumentally and lyrically, so well worth a listen.

Kill V. Maim – Grimes

An amazing song which I know all the words to — this one defined an essay crisis. Rather than channelling my “I’m going to miss this deadline” adrenaline into working faster, I channelled it into embodying the upbeat, crazy atmosphere of this song. Even as I sit listening to this song and writing this article, I can’t help but sing and dance along to this one. The electronic beats of the song are just soft enough that they’re not too overwhelming, but the wacky lyrics give it some substance. The vibe is infectious.

Broken Machine – Nothing But Thieves

Nothing But Thieves always end up in my “most listened to artists”; their music is so varied and well-produced. This song in particular has a killer beat, and the vocal effects are really interesting too. While the lyrics may not be the most cheerful, if you can look past them, it will certainly provide for a great listening experience.

Shinigami Eyes – Grimes

This article may inaccurately represent my music taste, as I don’t follow Grimes too closely, but I got notified of her new single Shinigami Eyes and it has been on repeat ever since. It’s a display of power and dominance, both in the lyrics and instrumental. There is an incredibly catchy synth melody, and the beat in the chorus is something I remember pacing to as I walked along Cornmarket Street, feeling like I owned the world. 

Soft Currents – Alexandra Savior

I spent most of this day listening to Alexandra Savior’s album of the same name, and fell in love with its title track. Her vocals are hauntingly beautiful as she sings of coming to terms with her fate, and how her past sadness and heartbreak will influence it, for the better or worse. This song is truly mesmerising, with only a simple piano melody to accompany it as her vocals and thoughts take centre stage.

Relay – Fiona Apple

I listened to Fiona Apple’s album Fetch The Bolt Cutters a while ago, and decided to revisit this song. The album itself is extremely emotionally complex, with her somewhat chaotic instrumental style really coming into fruition especially in this song. But I really like it. It has a very catchy beat which I can’t help but move to. Much like Broken Machine, however, the lyrics to Relay do not warrant this kind of reaction, as they sing of the generational trauma cycle that often never gets broken (which Fiona Apple tries to break). It’s a really interesting song, in terms of both lyrics and production.

Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

To end on a positive note, Get Into It (Yuh) is the final addition to this short playlist. I associate this song with some great memories, so I always turn to it when I need some motivation and encouragement. Even without this association, it radiates feel-good energy. As Doja Cat just released the music video, I found myself singing along to this song once again, and ending the day on a very fun note. 

So, here are the songs that represent the last week of my life! I hope you find a song that you enjoy, despite the somewhat eclectic mix of music, and get into it (yuh).