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The Talk Of Oxford: Week 7

Talk of the Week: Chris Liddell on The Importance of Presidential Transitions

Love them or hate them, it is hard to avoid discussing American Presidential Elections. Despite only occurring quadrennially, they seem to constantly dominate the news headlines, as the world questions who the next ‘leader of the free world’ will be. This week’s recommended talk is given by US elections guru Chris Liddell, titled ‘The Importance of Presidential Transitions.’ It will take place on Monday 6th June at 18:00  in Green Templeton College

Originally a New Zealand-based investment banker, he was the White House Deputy Chief of Staff under the Trump Administration. Since then, he also led the transition from the Trump to Biden Administration, despite coming close to resigning following the January 2021 Capitol attack. Along with this, Liddell is the co-author of the ‘Romney Readiness Plan’, a detailed overview of how the transfer of power from Barack Obama and the first 200 days in office would have developed for Romney had he won the election. Book your seat here.

Other talks and events going on in Oxford in week seven include: