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Mind the Gap: the Debate on Reopening Schools

As the proposed June 1 date for reopening of schools for Reception, Year 1, and Year 6 children looms over us, the tension between the government and teachers’ unions grows. The plan has been criticised by teachers’ unions as “patchy, rushed and woefully inadequate” for reopening as they call for an adequate test and trace Read More…


“Who was that to?!” – Memories of an “active” childhood

“In Year 3, I went to a bowling-themed birthday party organised by our PE coach (how those parties were ever fashionable continues to baffle me). Everyone got a certificate for “Best Aim”, “Most Strikes”, etc. What did I get? You know it. “Best Effort.” I’ve accrued an impressive amount of “sportsmanship” (read: consolation) awards.”