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A playlist to unwind to

After a long or stressful day, nothing helps me to relax more than putting on the right playlist. Here are some of my favourite songs to unwind to:

Come to Me – zalagasper

This song is one that I play in order to let my mind slow down and relax. It is about a couple, indeed the duo themselves, with their soft vocals layering amidst many different sounds. 

Lilo – The Japanese House

The unique tones of Amber’s voice coupled with the truly ethereal instrumental are the reasons why I find this song so calming. The hook line says “you were floating like a lilo with your eyes closed, going where the tide goes”, and I think it sums up the vibe of this song well. It has this light, airy feeling to it which is perfect for letting go of the day that’s past.

La Lune – Billie Marten

I could’ve put the entire tracklist of Billie’s album Writing of Blues and Yellows in this playlist, but, for the sake of variety, I’ll only add La Lune. The song has such a nostalgic feel to it, with the comforting guitar melody and Billie’s touching vocals carrying the song. The lyrics were inspired by some old videos she found of her childhood, particularly moments at the beach, and the imagery alongside every other aspect of the song makes such a wonderful addition to the list.

Forevermore – Yuna

This whole song feels very muted, but in the best possible way. Yuna’s vocals are enchanting yet comforting, and the subtle instrumental lets you take in every moment of them. The lyrics show so much strength, as Yuna realises what she has been dreaming of, and hopes to reach even higher; this strength contrasted by this subtle sound is something really unique.

Salvatore – Lana Del Rey

Being a huge Lana fan, I had to include a song by her on this list, and I think this one is the  perfect fit. Her vocals are flawless, and the transitions across her vocal range are so smooth. The feel of this song is very “classic Hollywood”, as a lot of her other songs are, but this one is filled with the most beautiful imagery.

Meteor – the bird and the bee

Although this song is considerably more upbeat than the others here, with a pretty consistent beat throughout the whole song, I just had to include it. The vocals are incredibly calming, and the imagery of meteors and shooting stars, used to represent a lover, makes for a really special song.

Poison Arrow – yeule

The slightly more intense instrumental of this electronic song (emphasis on the “slightly”) is coupled with yeule’s very light vocals, with the combination making for a very relaxing song. At times, there is nothing but ambient noise with a subtle beat, whilst at other times there are several layers of synth and a small reverb effect on the lyrics, which makes it quite ethereal.

I hope you enjoy these songs, or maybe even add them to your own playlists!

Cover Image: tanakawho via Flickr