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Kanye for President?

Famous musicians using their platforms to espouse their political opinions is not a new phenomenon. It is also not remotely new that even musicians who otherwise produce completely apolitical music use their fame to put forward these opinions. And this phenomenon has only increased as artists have wrestled their public presentation and narrative away from Read More…

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Oxford academic supports ‘landmark’ climate bill presented to Parliament

A bill has been presented to Parliament to provide what its supporters call “a clear framework, based on scientific reality, to deliver the UK’s commitments to the 2015 UN Paris Climate Agreement and to tighten up current UK legislation.” The objectives of the Private Members’ Bill, which has the backing of MPs from 7 opposition Read More…

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James Carville on the US Election – “All hands on deck. We’re going for the big one here!”

James Carville, the Democratic Party’s most outspoken political strategist, provides his take on the party’s prospects in November’s presidential election: an upbeat outlook supported by the polling data.