It’s Okay Not to Be Okay, But We Need More

“After years of activism centred around raising awareness in perhaps too shallow a way, the underfunding of mental health services across the UK is becoming a bit of an elephant in the room.”

Ellie Redpath examines the limitations of current mental health campaigns and initiatives.

TW: in-depth discussion of mental health issues, mention of mental health crises

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Coronavirus and collections: being an Oxford student and NHS worker

I’m an Oxford student. But I’m also an NHS worker, and I’m currently feeling a huge conflict between those two things. To be clear, as a History student, I am not a doctor or nurse. However, I have worked in a GP surgery doing admin for several years. I’m not claiming that my job or Read More…


COVID-19: We are not in this together

COVID-19, or any other disease for that matter, is not ‘a great leveller’. To treat it as such is an insult to millions of people all over the world, for whom the global pandemic will only exacerbate their current conditions while mainstream narratives continue to tell them ‘we’re all in this together’. We are not.  Read More…


The NHS: Origins and impact of the world’s first free health service

The 5thJuly 1948 is perhaps one of the most important dates in British history for modern society, yet few can pinpoint why. This is the date that the bold and forward-thinking plan was formed to provide the British public with a strong and reliable healthcare service, the birthday of the National Heath Service. Perhaps the Read More…