Travelling Through Sound

Kiki Francis shares a way to travel from home through an exploration of her top international tunes. From Indian Disco to French synth-pop, her playlist is a great jumping off point.

Fetch the Bolt Cutters— Fiona Apple Wants Out

Whenever I’ve felt frustrated and defeated and like Alanis Morissette just doesn’t quite capture my internal conflict, I’ve turned to Fiona Apple. Her brand of nervous but undeniably beautiful songs has, for many, reflected disappointment,…

Review: The Weeknd – After Hours

Bursting onto the scene in 2010 with a unique dark-wave RnB aesthetic, Abel Tesfaye’s hedonistic, drug-induced ramblings across the Trilogy mixtapes showcased one of the greatest debut efforts of the last decade, and cemented The…

What’s On(line)

Some of The Oxford Blue’s readership may have recently found themselves spending more time than usual indoors, searching the cupboards and internet for things to do. To combat the possible boredom that the next few months may be tinged with, The Blue has decided to compile a list of cultural events that can be experienced from the comfort of the outfit that you have been wearing for the past five days.

Nevis Ensemble: music for everyone, everywhere

Nevis Ensemble was founded in 2018 on the premise of bringing music to everyone, everywhere. In less than two years, the award-winning, headline-hitting Scottish orchestra has brought music to care homes and community centres, to…