Money Matters

Money Matters: Credit Cards

I’m definitely not a ‘Confessions of a Shopholic’ level credit card collector but I do think there are a few important and useful reasons to get a credit card.

Money Matters: The Fuck Off Fund

Essentially, the fuck off fund is a sum of money you keep in a bank account solely owned and managed by yourself, that is there not only for emergencies like car breakdowns but for a sense of independence.

Money Matters: Bad Weeks

‘Bad’ weeks might come around because of unexpected financial burdens or simply because I decide that I want a week of fun post- Prelims. So really, a ‘bad’ week for me, can sometimes be rather good.

Money Matters: Good Weeks

There’s something about atmospheric science that makes me want to eat melted cheese so a friend and I grab cheese and onion toasties in the JCR café

Money Matters: Savings and Discounts

Sarina lays out some of her favourite ways to save money from avoiding purchases that are just an outright scam like branded ibuprofen to finding the perfect outfit at a fraction of the price.

Illustration: Esme Robinson

Money Matters: Budgeting

In her new column, Sarina Chandaria gives you her guide on how to take control of your personal finances, starting with top tips for effective budgeting.