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Disability Looks Like This: On my OCD, fear of plug sockets, and pigeon logic

“If I properly listened to the disorder, I’d wrap everyone I loved in bubble wrap and wrap myself up in it too and put us all in a room with walls and floors made of pillows and make sure we took our vitamins every single day and then maybe I wouldn’t ever have to be anxious again. But even that probably wouldn’t work.”

In the first instalment of her column, Disability Looks Like This, Ellie Redpath explores her experience of OCD and its pervasiveness in her daily life.

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Handling Hilary online: tips for a virtual term

Although it may not have been surprising, given the perilous point at which the UK finds itself in the Coronavirus pandemic, the announcement that Hilary term will be online for most of the term will have been disappointing for many. Many Oxford students will not return to college accommodation at all this term, and even Read More…


Covid’s Mental Health Crisis

“The combination of isolation, anxiety, fear, economic hardship, and the actual physical effects of the virus itself, have been disastrous for many, and the effects of Covid-19 on mental health have yet to be determined.”

Maebh Howell describes the impact of Covid-19 on mental health.