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How to Break your New Year’s Resolutions (and not feel guilty at all)

Exercise more. Spend less. Eat better. Drink less alcohol.   Meet all my deadlines, turn up to all my tutorials and classes, maintain a socially-acceptable sleep schedule, pick up a new hobby, have a better social life, travel the world, start yoga, become fluent in five foreign languages and just generally become: A Better Person. Read More…


It’s Okay Not to Be Okay, But We Need More

“After years of activism centred around raising awareness in perhaps too shallow a way, the underfunding of mental health services across the UK is becoming a bit of an elephant in the room.”

Ellie Redpath examines the limitations of current mental health campaigns and initiatives.

TW: in-depth discussion of mental health issues, mention of mental health crises

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Oxford Sports Federation sends letter opposing repurposing of Iffley Sports Centre as teaching space

Oxford Sports Federation Executive Committee (SFEC) have sent an open letter opposing the university’s proposed repurposing of the Iffley Road Sports Centre as a teaching space for Michaelmas term. An email was distributed to committee members on 19 August detailing Oxford University’s ongoing considerations to use the two indoor sports halls at Iffley Road Sports Read More…