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What We’re Into This Week: 9/2/20

Film Marriage Story

If you’re a fan of Noah Baumbach, Laura Dern or Adam Driver’s nose, this film is a must see. A heart-felt and poignant depiction of a crumbling marriage, featuring incredible dramatic performances from its leads. 

Emmeline Armitage (Senior Culture Editor)


This week I’m watching Cheer on Netflix, a documentary about cheerleading that’s surprisingly gripping and really entertaining – even if it makes me wince every time someone gets thrown in the air…

Martha Davies (Books Editor)

Wild Card – Positive News

Positive News is a quarterly magazine dedicated to quality reporting on what’s going right. The non-profit has pioneered “constructive journalism”, reporting solution-focused news, addressing what the consumer can do with the information and what we can all do to change our current reality. I particularly enjoyed Hope 100, a series in their recent 100th issue, celebrating 100 people and organisations bringing hope to the new decade.

Lois Heslop (Editor in Chief)

Podcast– ‘George Ezra and Friends’ 

‘George Ezra and Friends’, A fascinating podcast with discussions with guests from Jessie Ware to Kurt Vile about the musical journeys of a diverse range of artists, their inspirations, and the highs and lows of a career in music.

Tatiana Gilfillan (Theatre Editor)