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Nice to Meet You, I’m a Slut! Tinder: A Waste of Precious Time?

“If Tinder were a place, it would be Fever. Specifically, Fever on a Tuesday night , a time when we almost certainly have better things to be doing with our time than dancing the night away to Akon remixed with S-Club 7, or idly swiping the night away from the comfort of your own bed.”

In the first of her weekly column, Alice Garnett explores whether Tinder really is the Land of Opportunity we might hope it to be.


So.. Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Reader, I married him. I looked at him across the dancefloor and stared deep into his eyes.  ‘Will you?’, I said, heart-racing, vision blurring.  ‘I don’t know you very well, but…okay,’ he replied. Success! 3 days into freshers and I have scored a guaranteed friend! They have to stick around if you marry them, right? Read More…