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Anger in the Time of Corona

Crying is ugly. Crying is so ugly that even when Kim Kardashian does it, it’s meme-worthy. I think my ugliest cry was last month, on the 24th of September. Or maybe it was the 25th of August; both of these dates had a lot in common. I couldn’t ask my Mum for a tissue because she was sitting two metres away on a chair on a square of floor marked by tape. I couldn’t wipe my nose properly because I was wearing a face mask.


Honest Thoughts on Freshers Week – Part 2

My Freshers Week was an emotional rollercoaster and a half. I think people imagine that this is the time (and the only time) where you meet your friends for life. But friendships don’t work like that. You need time and shared experiences and building trust before something can be a friendship.