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Poland: Arrest of trans-activist and the escalation against LGBTQ+ protestors

Condemnation falls yet again on Poland following escalations between police and LGBTQ+ protestors in the state’s capital on Friday evening. Protestors gathered on the historic Warsaw street, Krakowskie Przedmieście, to show opposition against the decision to place LGBTQ+ trans-activist Margot—or Michal Sz. as she is known to police—under two months arrest. The cause of this Read More…


Learning to be proud: lessons from Pride in Lockdown

‘Whilst I still have far to go to work on my own conflicting feelings of pride and shame, pride this year has revealed to me just what there is to be proud of in this network of incredible people and mutual support, with an incredible history and a wealth of creations to explore.’

Emily Carr explores the effect of an online Pride.


The Conservative government’s attack on trans rights is evil

‘The ability of trans people to self-identify may legally be hanging in the balance, but no government can take from us the ability to speak up.’

Jenny Elizabeth Scoones writes about the profound impacts of the government’s plans to scrap reforms to the Gender Recognition Act.

Current Affairs

Plush severs ties with Oxford SU LGBTQ+ Campaign

Oxford’s LGBTQ+ nightclub The Plush Lounge has cut ties with the Oxford SU LGBTQ+ Campaign. Plush said it will no longer recognise the campaign as ‘an authoritative voice of the queer community in Oxford’. Plush, which moved to its new location in Frewin Court this year, said it had faced ‘harassment and bullying’ from the Read More…