Learning to be proud: lessons from Pride in Lockdown

‘Whilst I still have far to go to work on my own conflicting feelings of pride and shame, pride this year has revealed to me just what there is to be proud of in this network of incredible people and mutual support, with an incredible history and a wealth of creations to explore.’

Emily Carr explores the effect of an online Pride.

Pride in India allows me to hope for a better future

‘Pride is not just simultaneous celebration and protest: the two combine to also produce hope.Seeing everyone together, out in the ‘open’, brings me hope that things will get better, for myself and everyone else.’

Mihir Rajamane explores the impact of Pride in India.

Plush severs ties with Oxford SU LGBTQ+ Campaign

Oxford’s LGBTQ+ nightclub The Plush Lounge has cut ties with the Oxford SU LGBTQ+ Campaign. Plush said it will no longer recognise the campaign as ‘an authoritative voice of the queer community in Oxford’. Plush,…