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Cancel culture and pandemic prevention with The Cosmic Skeptic

Many young people are drawn to the idea of starting their own YouTube channel. Not so many follow through on that idea. Even fewer start a channel that goes on to amass 350,000 subscribers, and start a podcast off the back of its success. Alex O’Connor is one of those few; through his channel, CosmicSkeptic, Read More…


Interview: Hannah Witton

“Do all of our passions and causes that we care about even matter during a pandemic? Should I even be talking about them right now? I do think it’s important to be hammering on about the causes you care about in an appropriate way.”

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Mark Wigglesworth: “If we take music out of the communal experience it was invented for, it will not survive.”

Mark Wigglesworth’s conducting career is one that has been characterised by a love of sharing classical music with the widest possible audience. He has led a series of acclaimed ensembles, from the BBC National Orchestra of Wales to the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra. His time as musical director at the English National Opera, cut short amidst Read More…