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To go out or to not go out? That is the question.

““I don’t feel like going out,”, “I’m going to have a quiet one in tonight,”, “I’ll just have one drink,” —all phrases I’ve said before a big night out.”

Hannah Kieve writes about her entertaining clubbing anecdotes, and gives valuable advice for those itching to get (back) on the dance floor.

Lifestyle Relationships

What I wish I could tell my younger self

‘I wish that my younger self was aware that you are not entitled to anyone’s company. You are not entitled to anything, really; not attention, not an invitation, not an explanation, not even the time of day.’
Marietta Kosma delves into her experience of the relationship with the self and how it has developed over time, through consideration of her past friendships.

With illustration by Marietta Kosma.


Ask Aunty Annabel: Bros before hoes? My friend is prioritising dating over our friendship – what do I do?

The Oxford Blue’s resident agony aunt, Aunty Annabel (Bella Stock), responds to a reader whose friend is caught in the thrall of online dating, to the point where her priorities interfere with the friendship. Illustration by Iris Bowdler


Breaking Covid rules shouldn’t make you beyond redemption

“People don’t break social distancing because they hate old people. They do it because they enjoy meeting others. It comes from carelessness, maybe even thoughtlessness, but not malevolence.”

Calum Isaacs criticises the notion that breaches of Covid rules demonstrate the heartlessness of humanity.