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For Your Ears Only: Every Bond Theme Ranked

“A quick disclaimer: this ranking will take into account how much I like the song personally, as well as the Bond-ness, for lack of a better phrase. So, while Shirley Bassey’s themes may not feature among my personal favourites, she will still feature relatively highly.” Ben Holden ranks each Bond theme in anticipation for the release of Fukunaga’s ‘No Time To Die’.

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Review: ‘The Suicide Squad’

“The message of the film in this regard is not just anti-American, but rather speaks to the franchise’s general statement about moral ambiguity, where every side has human beings who will act for good or evil depending on their circumstance.”

Kenny Cota reviews ‘The Suicide Squad’, DC’s new instalment in the ‘Suicide Squad’ franchise.

Illustration: Ben Beechener

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Vampires: Literature’s everlasting ‘villain’?

From Ancient Babylon – with a pitstop at the Villa Diodati- to the the sparkly incarnation we see in the modern day; Imogen Front charts the complicated and creepy history of literature’s favourite villain: The Vampire. Who knew they were so much more interesting than the ones we see in Twilight?!