CloseTheLockdownGap with Mustafaen Kamal

Oliver Bater speaks with Mustafaen Kamal, who has founded an initiative to provide free tuition to students worst affected by the latest government and is looking to Oxford Students for help.

“For a country that is at the forefront of education, with some of the world’s leading universities, to face this level of inequality is startling. The fact that an initiative like ours even exists seems to me quite a damning statement about the political situation in the UK. Our aim is to arrange 100,000 hours of tuitions for students, and we hope that the expertise of our tutors can help make up for some of the time lost in the classroom.”

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Oxford, Cut the Rent threatening Hilary Term rent strike

An Oxford University rent strike movement has joined a host of student collectives and campaigns across the UK in protesting universities’ handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Oxford, Cut the Rent has said that if its campaign attracts the support of enough individuals, the proposed rent strike will begin in Hilary term 2021. The campaign was Read More…

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BREAKING: Government U-turn on admissions policy

The government has today announced a U-turn in its assessment policy for A-Levels and GCSEs in England, following several days of outrage from students, parents and teachers alike. Pupils’ grades will now be based on teacher assessments alone, with exams regulator Ofqual confirming that the controversial algorithm has been scrapped. The news comes as more Read More…

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‘Decolonise our education’: Government responds to calls to review history curriculum

The UK government is facing calls from politicians and members of the public to remedy perceived disparities in schools’ history curriculum and “decolonise” British education. A petition calling for Britain’s colonial history to be made a compulsory part of the curriculum has now reached 262,645 signatures and prompted a government response on Thursday. This response Read More…