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What a Trump conviction would mean for the Republican Party

Featured image: “Donald Trump” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 The past few months have been difficult for former president Donald Trump—after losing reelection in November, his cries of electoral fraud being repeatedly rejected by the courts, he was impeached a second time for inciting the Capitol riots, and numerous new investigations have been opened into Read More…

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Biden uses executive orders to reverse some of Trump’s most egregious policies

In the first week of his term, President Biden signed a slew of executive orders, which mainly served to aid in the fight against the coronavirus and undo some of President Trump’s most easily reversed policies. Executive orders are directives issued by a president which shape the way the American government functions that can be Read More…


Imaginary Hinterlands

“Twitter is free to remove things from its platform: it does it all the time, the only difference being that now it’s happened to someone with tangible, if wilting, power. This is what other users call a ‘consequence’.”

Hayden Barnes examines the controversy over Donald Trump’s ban from Twitter.


Trump’s downfall will not put out the flames of Christian authoritarianism

“Whether they are proposing laws hostile to LGBTQ+ rights, harsher abortion restrictions or enforcing their ‘Christian values’ in other ways, these groups are enacting changes in the shadows; unaccountable and elusive.”

Clara Marks discusses the long-lasting impact of Qanon, Trump and far-right Christian groups on US politics.


Without concession, there can be no democracy

“My fervent hope is that a Biden presidency, operating at a more sedate pace than its febrile predecessor, will calm America’s political atmosphere. The return to a more respectful politics, of the kind Mitt Romney showed in 2012, requires effort from both sides.”

Oliver Buckingham discusses Donald Trump’s refusal to concede the 2020 election.

Image of the US Capitol building with tear gas and trump supporters in front of it.
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Trump supporters storm the US Capitol

The US Congress was put into lockdown overnight after hundreds of Trump protesters stormed the Capitol yesterday afternoon in Washington D.C.  The source of protesters’ anger was the meeting of Congress on Wednesday to certify the Electoral College results, confirming Biden as the next President of the United States. This came as news from Georgia Read More…