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Partisan Policy Led to Higher Rates of COVID-19 in Republican States

Research published earlier this week has identified a link between COVID-19 infection and party affiliation in the United States. The study, authored by Dr Brian Neelon from the Medical University of South Carolina, analysed COVID-19 case, death, and testing rates from March to December of 2020 across all 50 US states and the District of Read More…


Mail-In Ballots: This Is Not A Coup

“Despite its clear importance, the concern over a potential ‘theft’ of the election in November has been massively overblown.”

Recent concern over the USPS and some of President Trump’s comments has led to a fear of voter suppression by the current administration. William McCathie argues that, actually, we have nothing to fear.

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James Carville on the US Election – “All hands on deck. We’re going for the big one here!”

James Carville, the Democratic Party’s most outspoken political strategist, provides his take on the party’s prospects in November’s presidential election: an upbeat outlook supported by the polling data.


Debate: US presidential election 2020 – can Biden defeat Trump?

Whatever future Americans awake to on the 4th of November, one thing is certain. It will be a future shaped by Donald Trump alone. Edmund Kelly In any other year the announcement that Bernie Sanders had dropped out of the Democratic primary race – thereby sealing the nomination for former Vice President Joe Biden – Read More…