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Ask Aunty Annabel: the Dilemma Dater

Aunty Annabel gives advice on seeing multiple men, developing feelings in non-exclusive relationships, and talking to yourself drunkenly in Spoons.

Written by Bella Stock; illustration by Iris Bowdler

“From a purely practical perspective, it’s not easy to schedule a full-on dating life with life as an Oxford student, but it’s also emotionally (never mind physically…) draining to be *cough* ‘amorous’ with multiple people.”

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The ‘ick’: are we being unreasonable?

I was walking with a friend recently when she pointed out a man wearing sandals with jeans. “That gives me the ick”, she said. This was the start of her so-called “ick list”, which consisted of gems such as “when a man is rude to his mum”, or the arguably less valid “using an escalator” Read More…

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Everyday Economics: Dating and the Commons

If coordination were possible, an agreement between all users to send fewer and higher-quality messages would generate the greatest benefit to the dating pool as a whole. That’s not to discourage some of the most disastrously bizarre Tinder messages, which have provided hours of entertainment to users and meme pages across the globe.

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Date Tonight Cafe Review

Date Tonight Cafe is an online dating service, specifically for lockdown. You sign up, answer a few questions, and get sent a Zoom link to click on at a specific time. Unlike RAG Blind Date,  you can’t Facebook stalk the person in advance so, naturally, I assumed (as any reasonable person would) that I would Read More…


The travel guide to Oxford boys

As an Oxford girl, you might have had a variety of romantic liaisons over your time here. And as a high achiever, you like making to-do lists. As term comes to a close and students prepare for home and travels, two ladies channel their frustration at their romantic endeavours into the brochure we all wish Read More…