COVID-19: A time for schools to level up their edtech game

Deep down, I am a little envious of the sixth formers who were supposed to take their A-Levels and International Baccalaureate (IB) exams this summer. COVID-19 has thrown everyone off guard and even our very own Oxford University has canceled all face-to-face teachings and resorted to remote learning for Trinity Term. This disease is proving Read More…

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Oxford University nursery opens doors to children of key workers

One of Oxford University’s nurseries is to remain open for children of key workers. The nursery will also invite children from two other local nurseries whose parents provide an essential service. Oxford University has already closed four of its five nurseries as part of its response to Covid-19. Last Monday, the university moved into the Read More…

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New Oxford research stresses need for COVID-19 blood tests to track herd immunity progress

New Oxford research led by Professor Gupta and Dr Lourenco from the Department of Zoology stresses the urgent need for antibody blood (serological) tests. These could determine what proportion of the population has already been infected, and therefore has immunity, The Blue reports.

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Oxford students launch ‘Find My Pasta’ app to track food shortages amidst COVID-19

Yesterday, two Oxford undergraduates Julia Willemyns and Jack Solomon launched the free data-crowdsourcing iOS app “Find My Pasta” for reporting and tracking supermarket food shortages, The Blue reports. This is in response to the nationwide panic buying amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Researchers at Oxford launch new tool tracking government measures against COVID-19

Academics at the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government have unveiled a tool which tracks the strength of restrictions which governments around the world have implemented in response to the coronavirus. This tool is the first to systematically track worldwide government responses to the coronavirus pandemic. It is designed to help governments and the Read More…

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Oxford’s COVID-19 research receives £4m in government funding

The University of Oxford is to receive more than £4 million from the government to fund three COVID-19 research projects. Business Secretary Alok Sharma announced on Monday that £20 million in government funding will be awarded to six research projects across the UK. The three projects which will benefit at the University of Oxford are: Read More…

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Oxford launches human trials for COVID-19 treatments

Researchers at Oxford University have launched human trials for COVID-19 treatment, officially known as the ‘Recovery Trial’ (Randomised Evaluation of COVID-19 Therapy), The Blue reports. They are trialling two potential drugs on patients who have tested positive for the virus. There is no confirmed cure as of yet. Adults with the virus can volunteer themselves Read More…