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Oxford and Google research shows that tracing apps are effective at reducing COVID-19 impact

Research has found that the number of infections, deaths and hospitalisations caused by COVID-19 could be reduced through digital contact tracing systems, when used alongside other measures like social distancing and effective testing. A team of researchers from the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Medicine and Google Research have used data from three counties Read More…

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Oxford Sports Federation sends letter opposing repurposing of Iffley Sports Centre as teaching space

Oxford Sports Federation Executive Committee (SFEC) have sent an open letter opposing the university’s proposed repurposing of the Iffley Road Sports Centre as a teaching space for Michaelmas term. An email was distributed to committee members on 19 August detailing Oxford University’s ongoing considerations to use the two indoor sports halls at Iffley Road Sports Read More…

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Bookstores are disappearing. COVID-19 was the last straw.

Since the tech boom of the 1980s and 90s, tech has continued to revolutionize all facets of our lives as it renders one thing after the next obsolete. From cassettes to DVDs, to watching Netflix and being addicted to the 6-inch supercomputers that live in our pockets, technology regularly phases out the old and replaces Read More…

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Caviar for quarantine? St Anne’s email chain fiasco for international students

In an email sent to St Anne’s undergraduates yesterday, and seen by The Oxford Blue, recipients not only received the news that they might have to pay £548.10 for a two-week locked-down stay at the college, but also a chain of emails among several staff members, deliberating on how best to break the news.


How is Coronavirus Affecting Democracy?

Sharon Chu explains how cancelling elections in response to the pandemic poses a threat to democracy.

“Postponing elections might just seem like a one-off, genuinely benevolent action, but it could set a terrible precedent and lead to democratic backsliding, especially in places where democracy is already under threat. We must not let this slide.”