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Partisan Policy Led to Higher Rates of COVID-19 in Republican States

Research published earlier this week has identified a link between COVID-19 infection and party affiliation in the United States. The study, authored by Dr Brian Neelon from the Medical University of South Carolina, analysed COVID-19 case, death, and testing rates from March to December of 2020 across all 50 US states and the District of Read More…


How to Zoom through your online tutorials

Do you remember your first Zoom meeting? I have very fond memories of mine: it was on the 17th March 2020 and it was a ‘Zoom-ba’ session. I remember being weirdly excited about it. After all, back then Zoom was a whole new world, full of mystery, mute buttons, embedded chats and those ‘reactions’. True, Read More…


Breaking Covid rules shouldn’t make you beyond redemption

“People don’t break social distancing because they hate old people. They do it because they enjoy meeting others. It comes from carelessness, maybe even thoughtlessness, but not malevolence.”

Calum Isaacs criticises the notion that breaches of Covid rules demonstrate the heartlessness of humanity.

Tim Harford

Tim Harford on Economics, Statistics, and the Pandemic

It would be a stretch to call Tim Harford a household name, but for an economist, he comes close. In a long and varied career, he has presented a range of podcasts and radio shows, published several best-selling books, including The Undercover Economist and How to Make the World Add Up, and writes a regular Read More…

Global Affairs

New strains of COVID: what we know so far

One year after the virus first emerged, new strains of COVID-19 have been detected across the world. Whilst mutations have occurred over the past twelve months, a graph from this study shows that the new version spreading throughout the UK is markedly different. The new strain, known as B.1.1.7, has mutated enough that it only sets Read More…