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I’m A Female Classicist, Get Me Out Of Here!: Why Classicists Deserve More Credit

Safe to say that in my first year, I’ve experienced a fair bit of teasing over how practically useful my degree is. I’m still tempted to wander into a bar and order vinum. Even my own mother enjoys ribbing me about the great contribution I’m making to society and bemoans the fact I’m still useless at University Challenge.

Illustration by Daisy Leeson
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Wime Reviews: Now Drink

Sit back. Cradle the bowl of the glass in well washed hands. Remember that relaxation is nine tenths of the law. And now sit further back. See how far you can force your spine into the withering cushion of your chair. Feel it crack. You are truly relaxed.

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Wime Reviews: £3.79… Seriously

Hi guys. We hope you’ll play along and have fun with this wine review. However, please enjoy safely. Before reading, ask your parents to help move chairs, tables and other objects you might bump into. And please remember: don’t run, jump or dance while drinking the wine.