I’m A Female Classicist, Get Me Out Of Here!: In Vino Veritas

You may have heard of a symposion, a drinking party on couches, usually with 7 people where literature, philosophy and politics are discussed. In other words, not unlike essay/problem sheet procrastination in someone’s room, but instead of wine drawn from an elaborately decorated krater in the centre of the room, we have boxed wine, and instead of couches, we have the floor.

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I’m A Female Classicist, Get Me Out Of Here!: The Power Of Theatre

Not only are the plays set in an entirely different society with its own distinct and complex culture, but we are separated from these events by thousands of years. It is easier to address our own flaws, both personal and societal, when they wear the mask of someone else’s.

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Everyday Economics: The Economics of Language

It might seem a little depressing to reduce something with so many individualities to a matter of costs and benefits, but in doing so we can perhaps explain why one language may be more likely to outlive another. If we say that the creator of a language (or the founder of a society’s particular communication system) is the fundamental policy-maker, what makes this particular policy successful in the long-term?


I’m A Female Classicist, Get Me Out Of Here!: How To Survive The NSFW Side of Classics

There’s no need to be crass, but sometimes you just have to call it like it is. One of my favourite lecturers once described Cicero as Caesar and Pompey’s “little bitch” and it’s safe to say that’s not a lecture I’m going to forget.

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Normal People: Simply A Classic

Me, an interviewer: “So, Mr William Self, esteemed author and journalist, what did you think of Normal People?” Mr Self, esteemed author and journalist: “I read a few pages of  Sally Rooney’s book. It may say things that millennials want to hear reflected back at them, but it’s very simple stuff with no literary ambition Read More…

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I’m A Female Classicist, Get Me Out Of Here!: Why Classicists Deserve More Credit

Safe to say that in my first year, I’ve experienced a fair bit of teasing over how practically useful my degree is. I’m still tempted to wander into a bar and order vinum. Even my own mother enjoys ribbing me about the great contribution I’m making to society and bemoans the fact I’m still useless at University Challenge.