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The Mask Is Falling: Western-Chinese Sanctions and the Post-COVID Order

The CCP is forcing Western companies to make a choice: on the one hand, they can voice support their own countries’ liberal values, but lose access to the Chinese market. On the other, they can remain silent, continue to use the products of Chinese repression in their supply chains, and reap the profits from good relations with the CCP.

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UK-China Relationship Prospects Appear Uncertain

Last week, five parliamentarians, including ex-Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith, and four others had sanctions imposed upon them by the Chinese government. As a result, these individuals cannot enter China, Hong Kong or Macau, their property and assets in China are frozen, and Chinese individuals and institutions are not allowed to do business with them. Read More…

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Democracy or Autocracy – Who will benefit from Myanmar’s chaos?

Following the victory of Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar’s recent elections, the military seized control of the government on February 1st, declaring a year-long state of emergency, and detaining Ms. Suu Kyi alongside members of her party. Having sided with the opposition, their justification was the supposed fraud surrounding the elections, yet there is Read More…

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China leads the way in paying women for domestic labour

This week, the world was noticeably confused on how to react when a woman in China was awarded $7,700 USD for five years of housework as part of a divorce settlement. Many were ecstatic to see the first case that recognised housework as labour and set a monetary value on it. Many more, however, failed Read More…

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Beijing 2022 Olympics: To Boycott or Not to Boycott?

Britain has never called out a genocide whilst it has taken place. Nor has Britain ever boycotted an Olympics. Is now the time? What has the history of boycotting and the Olympics taught us? Should sport be separate from politics? Does boycotting send an effective political message, or is attendance and competition a stronger form Read More…

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Oxford defends professorship name change despite national security fears

Oxford University has renamed the Wykeham chair of physics to the Tencent-Wykeham professorship, and in return are set to receive a £700,000 donation from Chinese company Tencent. This professorship, named after Bishop William of Wykeham who founded New College in 1379, was established in 1900 as part of a cohort of professorships in the bishop’s Read More…

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Jack Ma: How China Tamed Its Entrepreneurial Elite, and Why The Chinese People Stand to Lose the Most

Chinese tech entrepreneur Jack Ma, founder and former chairman of eCommerce Giant Alibaba and formerly the wealthiest man in China, has recently announced plans to restructure his fintech empire Ant Group after falling out of favour with Chinese Communist Party leadership. Along with his recent muted reappearance after disappearing for nearly three months, this marks Read More…

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Independence ‘means war’ – China dials up Taiwan rhetoric

Featured image: “龜山島+國旗(Turtle Isnand with Taiwan Flag)” by bravesheng is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Chinese aggression in the Western Pacific reached new heights last week, as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) sought to apply pressure to Taiwanese leaders favouring formal independence. A statement from a People’s Liberation Army (PLA) spokesperson on Thursday included this threat:   “We warn those Read More…