CloseTheLockdownGap with Mustafaen Kamal

Oliver Bater speaks with Mustafaen Kamal, who has founded an initiative to provide free tuition to students worst affected by the latest government and is looking to Oxford Students for help.

“For a country that is at the forefront of education, with some of the world’s leading universities, to face this level of inequality is startling. The fact that an initiative like ours even exists seems to me quite a damning statement about the political situation in the UK. Our aim is to arrange 100,000 hours of tuitions for students, and we hope that the expertise of our tutors can help make up for some of the time lost in the classroom.”

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Soundabout Success: Virtual Music-Making Creates a More Inclusive ‘New Normal’

Music-making in all its forms has been affected by the pandemic. This is particularly the case for music therapy charities working with people with profound and multiple learning disabilities and/or sensory issues, for whom a multi-sensory approach is often important.

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Ra Ra Reviewsputin!

Balliol’s latest annual charity show, Rasputin, doesn’t sound exactly promising in concept. When you hear ‘student-written comedy-musical based on unstable early 20th century Russian politics’ it doesn’t scream success. It certainly succeeds on stage, though. Throughout Act 1 we are treated to the introduction of the Romanov royal family and their court as you’ve never Read More…