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Oxford vs Cambridge Boat Race 2022

Rapid summary: Oxford wins the Men’s Boat Race 2022 while Cambridge claims victory in the Women’s Boat Race 2022.

While not everyone at Oxford rows (contrary to popular belief), the Boat Race is possibly the most important sporting event in the calendar for all students, seeing many from both universities on Crowe the Thames for an afternoon of races.

First up was the women’s race, where Cambridge already has a track record of winning. Oxford won the coin toss and chose the Surrey side to start, giving them a small tactical advantage which allowed them to peak in the middle of the race. This helped little though, as from the get-go Cambridge pushed ahead and maintained a gap of about two lengths for the entire course, passing university post three lengths in advance. The Osiris vs Blondie race followed suit, with Cambridge winning by a clear stretch.

However, in a fantastic turn of events, Oxford’s Isis crew took a storming lead against their Goldie counterparts, coming to Chiswick a clear few lengths ahead of their competitors.

Oxford was also declared the clear favourite for the Men’s race. Cambridge won the coin toss and chose the Middlesex side to give them a starting advantage, although this didn’t serve them well – Oxford was pulling away from the start and maintained a clear lead over the Tabs throughout, gaining the lead at Hammersmith. There were large stretches of clear water between them under Barnes Bridge, made complete by the total triumph once they reached university post by Chiswick.