The End of the Rhodes

Joining thousands on the streets last week at several Black Lives Matter protests, demonstrating against the insidious systemic racism in Britain, as well as with solidarity with protestors all over the world, I enjoyed a few moments of satisfaction that these protests had achieved something tangible


An open letter by Christ Church Voices for Change

This article has been updated on 03/07/2020 with Christ Church’s statement in response, which appears below the article. This is an open letter in response to the statements issued by Christ Church exec committee and censors regarding the handling of the controversy following last Sunday’s hustings. It is accompanied by a petition which is accepting Read More…

Current Affairs

Christ Church JCR exec release statement on handling of hustings controversy

The Christ Church JCR executive committee released a statement by email to Christ Church students this evening signed by the JCR President Jarnail Atwal, Vice-President Arun Smith, and Secretary Efe Kati. The statement addresses last Sunday’s hustings where a joke was made by a candidate for “cake rep” comparing the murder of George Floyd to Read More…

Current Affairs

Open letter to Christ Church censors: we demand a public apology

This is an open letter written by a group of Oxford students. Its petition has been signed by 2,700 students from 98 universities across the world, including UCL, Toronto, New York, Harvard, Amsterdam, Université de Paris, National University of Singapore, and Cambridge. Oxford contributed over 1,800 names.


The Colour of Injustice

I’m not alone in feeling horrified when I watched George Floyd die, desperately pleading for his life as police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck to pin him – unarmed and handcuffed – to the ground, as fellow officer Tou Thao looked on and prevented public intervention. Yet despite Chauvin now having been arrested Read More…