Black Lives Matter

The Myth of the Statue

Following Boris Johnson’s comments on the removal of Oxford’s Cecil Rhodes statue, Edmund Kelly explores why statues don’t celebrate a shared history at all.

The importance of a black education

Alannah Burdess explores why learning black history is such an important step in educating ourselves as a society and in working towards addressing systemic racism in Britain today.

The End of the Rhodes

Joining thousands on the streets last week at several Black Lives Matter protests, demonstrating against the insidious systemic racism in Britain, as well as with solidarity with protestors all over the world, I enjoyed a few moments of satisfaction that these protests had achieved something tangible

An open letter by Christ Church Voices for Change

This article has been updated on 03/07/2020 with Christ Church’s statement in response, which appears below the article. This is an open letter in response to the statements issued by Christ Church exec committee and…