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Russian Troop Build-up Prompts Western Alarm

The US European Command (EUCOM) raised its threat level to the highest level last week (‘Potential Imminent Crisis’) as a build-up of Russian forces on Ukraine’s eastern border prompted alarm amongst western leaders. In excess of 20,000 troops are thought to have been deployed on the border separating Russia from the Ukrainian oblasts of Donetsk Read More…

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Biden uses executive orders to reverse some of Trump’s most egregious policies

In the first week of his term, President Biden signed a slew of executive orders, which mainly served to aid in the fight against the coronavirus and undo some of President Trump’s most easily reversed policies. Executive orders are directives issued by a president which shape the way the American government functions that can be Read More…

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The Establishment Strikes Back? – Exploring America’s Post-Trump Foreign Policy

It would be fair to say that every member of the incoming Biden administration has a stressful job ahead of them. Their list of tasks is undeniably daunting: dealing with one of the world’s worst Covid outbreaks; restoring faith in a government structure undermined by four years of populism; and attempting to reconcile a country  Read More…