Global Affairs

Abortion reform is now practically impossible in Honduras, but hope remains

In January, the Honduran Parliament approved a bill that practically cemented the total abortion ban that has been constitutionally enshrined since 1985. On Monday, 25th of January, the constitutional “lock” bill – as described to Vice World News by Mario Perez, the MP who tabled it –  was rubber-stamped. It is expected to be ratified Read More…

Global Affairs Opinion

Argentina’s decision to legalise abortion underscores the Vatican’s loss of influence in Latin American lawmaking

“On matters of sex and procreation, the attitude of the Vatican has remained unrelentingly regressive.”

Oliver Buckingham explores the link between changing attitudes towards abortion in Latin America and the influence of the Catholic Church.

Current Affairs

Oxford students show solidarity with Poland protests after country’s anti-abortion ruling

On Sunday night, a protest organised by the Oxford University Polish Society saw calls of solidarity with women whose rights came under attack following the country’s Constitutional Tribunal’s recent ruling which has essentially removed all avenues to abortion.


From ‘Published in Error’ to positive change: a respite for reproductive rights

Whilst on the surface this global crisis may have generated a cohesive sense of community, points of political contention have taken on new colours in the face of the novel pandemic. Abortion has recently become centre focus, as the UK government has fumbled over emergency measures for women’s reproductive health. Monday heralded some much-needed positive Read More…