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The Northern Ireland Problem: Culture, Class & Conflict in Belfast

“The Northern Irish Peace Process is fragile and requires active intersectional work in the form of policy change and socio-economic development. Politicians in Westminster will continue to ignore this and their counterparts in Stormont will continue to act to its detriment, so long as their ignorance continues to get them elected.”

Daniel McNamee analyses the growing tensions in Northern Ireland.

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A year on, what does the UK’s Covid story say about the government?

“Having now spent more time in my childhood bedroom than in Oxford since starting my course, I can’t help but ask: should we forgive the government’s initial mistakes and errors in light of the new vaccine success and limited knowledge we had of COVID a year ago?”

Sebastien Roberts analyses the UK government’s performance over the whole of the coronavirus pandemic so far.

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Concussion protocols in sport: a no-brainer?

Sports organisations across Britain are implementing new rules to protect players at all levels from the long-term effects of concussion and head trauma. In February, the English Football Association banned primary school-aged children from heading footballs in training, due to fears that doing so at a young age could add to the likelihood of dementia Read More…