Oxford University leads world’s largest drug trial for use against Covid-19

“This is by far the largest trial in the world,” said Peter Horby who is leading the trial and is professor of emerging infectious diseases and global health at Oxford University.

An Oxford based trial is aiming to test the effect of current drugs in treating Covid-19, and has recruited over 5000 patients in 165 NHS hospitals around the UK.

Coronavirus home testing to be available within weeks

Public Health England’s (PHE) Professor Sharon Peacock has revealed that coronavirus home testing kits could be available at chemist shops and via Amazon as soon as next week. They will be made available to vulnerable…

Oxford team developing rapidly-deployable ventilator

Engineers and medics from University of Oxford and King’s College London are building and testing prototypes for rapidly-deployable ventilators for use on COVID-19 patients.  OxVent is a multidisciplinary team of engineers, anaesthetists and surgeons at…

An Arms Race Against Coronavirus

The global invasion of the novel Coronavirus, now christened COVID-19, shows no sign of stopping. In the most recent situation report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are upwards of 85,000 confirmed cases of…