Coronavirus: fear and misinformation

As soon as the media furore around Brexit began to die down, a new obsession arose from its ashes – Wuhan Coronavirus.  From reading the daily headlines, a global catastrophe might seem around the corner with infections seemingly doubling every day and government advice and travel restrictions growing. However, based on a careful reading of Read More…

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Unconventional Languages Degree Review

If there’s a language you’ve never heard of, Oxford is bound to offer it. Spanish may be spoken in twenty countries, but that doesn’t stop language geeks here from pursuing Hittite, Persian and Syriac. There are an impressive abundance of options, most of which thankfully being offered ab initio (from scratch). Answering the “what do Read More…


Keir Starmer is the runaway favourite for the Labour leadership – but is he too safe?

Keir Starmer is a clear favourite to win the Labour leadership in April. At the time of writing this, he has 129 CLP nominations and the backing of Community, Usdaw and the UK’s second largest trade union, UNISON. In the most recent first round polling he beats runner-up Rebecca Long-Bailey by 46% to 32%, and Read More…


Degree Reviews: The reality of DPhil History

This post is part of a series of articles that The Oxford Blue will be publishing about Oxford degrees. First person, in depth, and critical accounts of an Oxford education are hard to find online and open discussions about what our University doesn’t get right are needed outside the confines of salty Oxfesses. We hope Read More…

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Love Island meets literature: a Love Island poetry discussion

The appearance of yet another season of Love Island on our screens this winter stands testament to the prominent position it currently holds in pop culture. At a time of political upheaval and social instability, what does our obsession with the lulling sound of ‘I’ve got a text’ and the ‘do bits society’ tell us Read More…


The fight continues for Iranian American student activist Yasaman Hakami

“I place not only my identity, but my emotional vulnerability on the line for my people time and time again.”

Yasaman Hakami, an undergraduate sociology major studying law & society at UC Davis, shares her experiences as a community organiser and civil rights activist.

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What do Oxford students think about the Labour leadership race?

The Labour leadership campaign is gearing up into full swing, so now seems the best time to talk to Oxford students about their thoughts on the remaining candidates in the race to lead the Labour party and what should emerge of the process more generally. All the Oxford students I spoke to seemed to agree Read More…