The End of the Rhodes

Joining thousands on the streets last week at several Black Lives Matter protests, demonstrating against the insidious systemic racism in Britain, as well as with solidarity with protestors all over the world, I enjoyed a few moments of satisfaction that these protests had achieved something tangible

Instagram virtue-signalling

“It is essentially an illusion used to tell others – and ourselves – that we are ‘good’ people, without genuinely caring about the issue at hand.”

Flora Windebank explores online virtue-signalling.

How do we fix the police?

I imagine that amongst the vast majority of readers, the sentiment that All Cops Are Bastards will be broadly familiar and largely uncontroversial. Nowhere else in the developed world is this more obvious, and the…

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The Colour of Injustice

I’m not alone in feeling horrified when I watched George Floyd die, desperately pleading for his life as police officer Derek Chauvin knelt on his neck to pin him – unarmed and handcuffed – to…