Keeping an eye on the bigger picture: why Dinah Rose QC shouldn’t be our target

“Students are perfectly entitled to feel upset and even to feel discomfort. But they are not entitled to have all other considerations displaced, to draw attention away from the plight of LGBTQ+ individuals elsewhere in the world, to condemn their friendly, engaged and committed head of house and to disregard fundamental principles of justice and the rule of law.”

Arun Smith examines why the outcry over Dinah Rose QC is misdirected.


Trust has been broken at Magdalen, and legal explanations won’t fix it

“It’s clear that this has gone far beyond a misunderstanding of the cab rank rule, and is instead a matter of whether marginalised students feel safe, supported, and welcome at Magdalen – which, it is emerging, many do not.”

Ellie Redpath gives her perspective on President of Magdalen Dinah Rose QC’s legal representation of the Cayman Islands in their bid to overturn gay marriage.


Imaginary Hinterlands

“Twitter is free to remove things from its platform: it does it all the time, the only difference being that now it’s happened to someone with tangible, if wilting, power. This is what other users call a ‘consequence’.”

Hayden Barnes examines the controversy over Donald Trump’s ban from Twitter.

Global Affairs Opinion

Boris Johnson: An Unstatesmanlike Attack on Chinese Culture

Johnson has pettily criticised ‘demented’ traditional Chinese medicine for causing coronavirus. Trivial rhetoric such as this undermines the serious issues which threaten the West’s relationship with China today.  Earlier today in a virtual speech to the One Planet Summit, which was being hosted by President Macron, Boris Johnson weighed on Chinese culture, condemning people who Read More…

Current Affairs Opinion

Private school suppliers fail at free meals

“The stark contrast between the wide choice of full, nutritious meals offered every lunchtime in private schools and the battered fruit and potatoes of the packages offered to struggling families reveals more than a company’s single-minded focus on the more profitable aspect of its business model.”

Amy Sankey explores Chartwells’s failure to supply adequate free school meals.


Ineos Oxford Institute funded by tax avoidance and hypocrisy

“It is through promotional efforts such as associations with cycling teams, football clubs, and now Oxford that Ineos legitimises its destructive practices. We are just another publicity stunt used to gloss over the company’s disregard for social and environmental issues.”

Maya Lemaire examines the problems with Ineos’ donation to Oxford University.


Trump’s downfall will not put out the flames of Christian authoritarianism

“Whether they are proposing laws hostile to LGBTQ+ rights, harsher abortion restrictions or enforcing their ‘Christian values’ in other ways, these groups are enacting changes in the shadows; unaccountable and elusive.”

Clara Marks discusses the long-lasting impact of Qanon, Trump and far-right Christian groups on US politics.