A restricted Freshers’ Week and year at Oxford – how restricting was it, really?

“Perhaps to those who had a ‘normal’ Freshers’ Week, my experience seems reminiscent of a quiet night in, missing the drunken mistakes and clubbing until the early hours of the morning that defined it for them”

Sophie Lord discusses the ups and downs of a first year during Covid.

Global Affairs Opinion

Never in Isolation: HMS Defender, COVID-19 and illusions of control in Putin’s Russia

It was bound to happen. A Royal Navy destroyer on a routine voyage through the Black Sea decided to steam past Cape Fiolent, the southern peninsula of Russian-occupied Crimea. It triggered a frosty response by Russian border guards, and brusque words were exchanged between the British and Russian governments. Of course, respective accounts differed. The Read More…


Part-time study stopped me dropping out of Oxford. Why don’t more students know about it?

Danni Watts writes about her experience of part-time study at Oxford, and examines why there needs to be more information about and opportunity for such flexible degree structures at Oxford University. Artwork by Em Perkins.

“Disabled students deserve to be at Oxford, and should be judged on their intellect rather than their productive output over an eight week term. Part-time study has given me the space to enjoy my degree without jeopardizing my health.”


Modern homophobia

Freddie Hull explores the pernicious effects of modern homophobia.

“It has become normalised to be treated differently to straight couples. Gay couples are often somewhat of an accessory or delegated to being ‘the gay ones’ instead of a respected relationship. Any attempt to educate offenders about this usually results in abrasive denial instead of listening. Because they did not use homophobic language, they cannot see how their actions make gay couples feel lesser than straight couples”