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Maths Degree Review: It’s almost as fun as complaining about it!

Picture this: it’s quarter to ten in the evening. You’re sat in the library, surrounded by the furious clickings of essay crises and apology emails being typed. You stare silently at the page in front of you and the question at the top glares mockingly back. You’ve been like this for two hours; the problem Read More…

Degree Reviews Opinion

Unconventional Languages Degree Review

If there’s a language you’ve never heard of, Oxford is bound to offer it. Spanish may be spoken in twenty countries, but that doesn’t stop language geeks here from pursuing Hittite, Persian and Syriac. There are an impressive abundance of options, most of which thankfully being offered ab initio (from scratch). Answering the “what do Read More…

Degree Reviews Opinion

Degree Reviews: The reality of DPhil History

This post is part of a series of articles that The Oxford Blue will be publishing about Oxford degrees. First person, in depth, and critical accounts of an Oxford education are hard to find online and open discussions about what our University doesn’t get right are needed outside the confines of salty Oxfesses. We hope Read More…