The Myth of the Statue

Following Boris Johnson’s comments on the removal of Oxford’s Cecil Rhodes statue, Edmund Kelly explores why statues don’t celebrate a shared history at all.

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Pride in India allows me to hope for a better future

‘Pride is not just simultaneous celebration and protest: the two combine to also produce hope.Seeing everyone together, out in the ‘open’, brings me hope that things will get better, for myself and everyone else.’

Mihir Rajamane explores the impact of Pride in India.

Going Down A Starmer

William Atkinson explores the ins and outs of Sir Keir Starmer’s decision to sack Rebecca Long-Bailey from the Shadow Cabinet.

Double sided statues: why we need to rethink history

‘It’s easier to look at a statue of Lenin and see the two sides of the history that he represents because, at least for me, he isn’t an immediate part of my cultural heritage.’

Elizabeth Reynard explores the dual nature of history that our statues represent.