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Normal people don’t do it like that

Senior Opinions Editor Amy Sankey analyses the assumptions we might make about female sexuality from novels such as Sally Rooney’s ‘Normal People’. To her, the novel’s title is misleading – the women we see, the lives they live, the sex they have, are actually not as ‘normal’ as they are made to seem.


We Are The Many, They Are The Few: LSE Class War and the Rejection of Private Schools

‘There has been enough representation of the economic elites in this institution to last us another thousand years.’

Charlie West explains his support for the aims of the controversial LSE Class War, and why their mission ought to be expanded to Oxford


If I’d known about part-time study, would I be leaving Oxford?

“Although I’m very excited about my future, there’s still a part of me that wishes I could be one of them.”

Aiden Tsen wonders how life could have been different had they heard about part-time study before dropping out of Oxford to pursue a public-facing career; not having encountered the possibility before reading The Blue’s article on the topic.

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IPCC report: the science is irrefutable, political inaction is inexcusable – what we all must do next

“None of us can afford not to act,
to sit in the back seat whilst our politicians drive us down the road to catastrophe.”

Max Spokes discusses how we as individuals can respond to the IPCC report to help avert climate catastrophe.