What politicians are missing about ‘online banter’

Carol Jones examines the recent controversy around cricketer Ollie Robinson’s tweets and what politicians reactions show that they don’t understand about online abuse.

‘Dowden’s comments subconsciously sets a standard for organisations across the country that they don’t have to take seriously complaints about racism or sexual harassment. And that is dangerous.’


Conversations on race: anti-blackness and the school campus

“Discrimination and ignorance never sleep in Oxford. And what is being done about it? Campaigns from amongst the student body, rather than those in charge, those whose responsibility it is to ensure an inclusive environment. There are frequent rebellions amongst students that centre on toxic cancel culture, antagonism, and distrust, as minority students struggle to hold their peers to account within the framework of an institution that never really cared. Oxford claims that they aim to foster an inclusive environment in which understanding and respect is built between people who have come from vastly different upbringings. Oxford, like everywhere else I know, has failed.”

Sarah Akintunde discusses her experience of racism throughout the UK’s education system.