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Oxford University leads world’s largest drug trial for use against Covid-19

“This is by far the largest trial in the world,” said Peter Horby who is leading the trial and is professor of emerging infectious diseases and global health at Oxford University.

An Oxford based trial is aiming to test the effect of current drugs in treating Covid-19, and has recruited over 5000 patients in 165 NHS hospitals around the UK.

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Oxford team developing rapidly-deployable ventilator

Engineers and medics from University of Oxford and King’s College London are building and testing prototypes for rapidly-deployable ventilators for use on COVID-19 patients.  OxVent is a multidisciplinary team of engineers, anaesthetists and surgeons at Oxford and King’s who are building and testing prototypes for such ventilators. The aim is that the ventilators can be Read More…

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Oxford’s COVID-19 research receives £4m in government funding

The University of Oxford is to receive more than £4 million from the government to fund three COVID-19 research projects. Business Secretary Alok Sharma announced on Monday that £20 million in government funding will be awarded to six research projects across the UK. The three projects which will benefit at the University of Oxford are: Read More…

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New rapid coronavirus test developed by Oxford scientists

‘You cannot fight a fire blindfolded’, said WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Without testing, those who are infected cannot be isolated, and hence the spread of the virus cannot be halted. Efficient testing is the key to stopping an epidemic from the beginning, with its positive effects evident in nations such as China, South Korea Read More…

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An Arms Race Against Coronavirus

The global invasion of the novel Coronavirus, now christened COVID-19, shows no sign of stopping. In the most recent situation report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), there are upwards of 85,000 confirmed cases of the virus, 1753 of which are new cases in the last 24 hours alone. While 93% of these cases remain Read More…


Uncomfortable Oxford: imposter syndrome and intrusive thoughts

Did I lock my door? What if I’m gay? Does everyone just pretend to like me? What would happen if I jumped out in front of a car? Do I belong here? These are all intrusive thoughts – unprompted and often unwanted thoughts which run contrary to people’s true beliefs. Many Oxford students will know Read More…

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World-leading brands join global initiative to curb harmful online content

The Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) has launched a three-point strategy to foster safer digital environments with world-leading advertising brands. The bid to remove harmful digital advertising includes tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and puts them to task to do better.