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St John’s student stand off stretches to fourth day

College turns up the heat to force protesters off the lawn amidst rumours the College is seeking a court order St John’s College is attempting to undermine the student protesters demanding the College stop investing in companies exposed to fossil fuels, such as BP and Shell. Student protesters have occupied the Front Quad at St Read More…

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Council plan to increase tree cover takes root

Oxford City Council has committed to increasing biodiversity and double the tree cover across Oxfordshire following recommendations from the Oxford Citizens Assembly on Climate. Enhanced biodiversity has been judged central to the overall ‘net zero’ vision for Oxford and the plan will seek to tackle the climate crisis and ecological breakdown in tandem. Tree planting Read More…

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What do Oxford students think about the Labour leadership race?

The Labour leadership campaign is gearing up into full swing, so now seems the best time to talk to Oxford students about their thoughts on the remaining candidates in the race to lead the Labour party and what should emerge of the process more generally. All the Oxford students I spoke to seemed to agree Read More…

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Packed crowd picks apart climate progress

On Monday evening the Habakkuk lecture theatre, tucked away at the far end of Jesus College, hosted a very well-attended panel discussion on the current state of the climate. Professor Julia Steinberger, Dr Simon Evans, and Professor Henry Shue looked back on the progress made in the past year and set out a plan for Read More…

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Balliol joins the divestment drive

Balliol students have taken a stand on the sustainability of the college’s investment, pushing the College to reduce its endowment’s involvement fossil fuel exposure (FFE) “as far and as fast as is practicable”. With socially responsible investment practices more critical than ever, this is a positive step forward for Balliol which may kick-start a precedent Read More…

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World-leading brands join global initiative to curb harmful online content

The Global Alliance for Responsible Media (GARM) has launched a three-point strategy to foster safer digital environments with world-leading advertising brands. The bid to remove harmful digital advertising includes tech giants such as Facebook, Google, and Twitter, and puts them to task to do better.