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Oxford Success in Recent Malaria Vaccine Trials

Oxford University’s Jenner Institute has recently confirmed success in trials for an effective vaccine against malaria. The trial took place in Nanoro, a region in Burkina Faso, and involved 450 children between the ages of 5 and 17. The institute is the same one that trialled the recent AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine’s efficacy has Read More…

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Oxford and fossil fuels: Part of the cure or part of the disease?

Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean On the one hand, the University of Oxford’s scientists, economists and other academics have led ground-breaking work to tackle the climate and ecological crises, producing invaluable research and finding solutions to some of our most pressing problems. At the same time, however, their employer accepts millions of pounds in donations Read More…

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Report reveals Oxford ties to fossil fuel industry

A report released on Tuesday reveals the extent to which Oxford University has received funding and donations from the some of the world’s biggest fossil fuel companies, including BP, Shell and Eni. The report, entitled ‘Money, People, Reputation: Oxford’s Ties with the Fossil Fuel Industry’, was researched and written by the Oxford Climate Justice Campaign, Read More…

Credit: Michelle Mendieta Mean
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Climate anxiety and writing to cope: welcome to my column!

“Nothing is perhaps as existential and as daunting to comprehend as the climate and ecological crises. There are no greater problems facing me, you, or any of us than the fact that we are living in suicidal societies.”

In the first instalment of his Climate Column, Max Spokes introduces his column and examines why we should all be concerned about the climate crisis. Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean.

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Oxford report argues green Covid recovery is essential, but not yet underway

A report by Oxford University’s Economic Recovery Project (OUERP) has found that less than one fifth of Covid recovery spending by the world’s governments can be considered ‘green’. The report, ‘Are We Building Back Better? Evidence from 2020 and Pathways for Inclusive Green Recovery Spending’, was led by Brian O’Callaghan of Oxford’s Smith School of Read More…

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Somerville College announces full fossil fuel divestment

Somerville College, Oxford has announced that it is to fully divest from its remaining investments in fossil fuels by July 2021. The College, which has an endowment fund of nearly £100m, will reinvest any remaining investments in fossil fuels into “green investments,” a statement on the College’s website said. Somerville has already divested £400,000 worth Read More…

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City Council to invest £50m in retrofitting homes

Oxford City Council (OCC) has announced that it will spend £50m retrofitting and improving the energy efficiency of council housing in Oxford. The investment aims to ensure all council tenants are living in a property which meets at least the UK Government’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Band C rating by 2030, which is the third Read More…

Hinksey Outdoor Pool, Source: Fusion Lifestyle
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Oxford City Council awarded funding to decarbonise public buildings

Oxford City Council (OCC) has been awarded £10.9m in funding to reduce carbon emissions in key sites across the city owned by the Council, including the Hinksey Outdoor Swimming Pool. The funding, awarded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) Public Sector Decarbonisation Fund, will enable the Council to explore the usage Read More…

Credit: Direct Action for Divestment
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St John’s Occupation, one year on: college have “failed to keep their promises”, campaign says

One year on from the pitching of tents on the front quad of St John’s College, the group behind the occupation, which called on the College to remove its investments from fossil fuel companies, have argued that “St John’s have failed to keep the promises they made.” In recognition of the one-year milestone, Direct Action Read More…