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Ask Aunty Annabel: Young, wild, and free – will I miss out on the true university experience by being in a long-distance relationship?

In this week’s agony aunt column, Aunty Annabel (Bella Stock) advises a student on whether to pursue a long-distance relationship while at university. Illustration by Iris Bowdler.

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Ask Aunty Annabel: the Dilemma Dater

Aunty Annabel gives advice on seeing multiple men, developing feelings in non-exclusive relationships, and talking to yourself drunkenly in Spoons.

Written by Bella Stock; illustration by Iris Bowdler

“From a purely practical perspective, it’s not easy to schedule a full-on dating life with life as an Oxford student, but it’s also emotionally (never mind physically…) draining to be *cough* ‘amorous’ with multiple people.”

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Ask Aunty Annabel: Negotiating the friendzone

In the first instalment of her column, our resident agony aunt, Aunty Annabel (known in her free time as Bella Stock), advises a Master’s student on how to see if his friend wants to take things to the next level.

Illustration by Iris Bowdler

“While the idea of it might make you cringe, the fact is that if two people enjoy spending time together and have lots in common, it really is a totally natural progression. Embittered old third-wheel that I am, I grumble incessantly about pals starting to fancy one another, but even I have to admit that friendship really is the best basis for a relationship (don’t mind me on the shelf up here).”

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Popping the cherry: Debunking the myth of virginity

CW: rape/sexual assault  Everyone has a unique and personal relationship with virginity, which is greatly shaped by the cultures we grow up in. Even in communities that are most “liberal” about the concept, there remains a certain ambivalence over whether ‘losing our virginity’ is something to be proud or ashamed of. On a global scale, Read More…