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Year Abroad 2020: Chiaroscuro in Tuscany

I refuse to see this as a lost or wasted year. I have been given an unparalleled opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, to absorb Italy into my blood and become italiana for the year. And yes, it may be a real struggle, and there may be days when I think it would just be easier to pack my bags and go home, but I am learning and growing so much that to leave now would mean that the six months of stress, tears, and painstaking organisation that brought me here would have been for nothing.

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Quarantine Chronicles: What it’s like to be a fresher in isolation

All in all, these are not ideal circumstances. Having to isolate, miss events or even just missing friends who are in isolation. But this is a time where we need to assist one another, and we can get through it. And with the news of a national lockdown coming recently too, the support of those around us will be even more important.

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Anger in the Time of Corona

Crying is ugly. Crying is so ugly that even when Kim Kardashian does it, it’s meme-worthy. I think my ugliest cry was last month, on the 24th of September. Or maybe it was the 25th of August; both of these dates had a lot in common. I couldn’t ask my Mum for a tissue because she was sitting two metres away on a chair on a square of floor marked by tape. I couldn’t wipe my nose properly because I was wearing a face mask.


Once Upon a Freshers Week…

Over the course of the week we get to know the pubs of Jericho pretty well- our favourite, The Old Bookbinder, boasts bijou outdoor seating and a fit bartender- and just about everyone gets college engaged. “Better get a move on”, is the resounding sentiment, “or all the good ones will have gone”. I propose to a lovely householder, close friends with my college mum, and we exchange cheap ring substitutes. Ah, domestic bliss.