Money Matters: Bad Weeks

‘Bad’ weeks might come around because of unexpected financial burdens or simply because I decide that I want a week of fun post- Prelims. So really, a ‘bad’ week for me, can sometimes be rather good.

Q&A: OxMatch

With so many of these services out there, we decided to ask some questions of our own so that you can decide whether OxMatch is a match for you.

Money Matters: Good Weeks

There’s something about atmospheric science that makes me want to eat melted cheese so a friend and I grab cheese and onion toasties in the JCR café

Love Letters: A Dying Art?

I’m drawn towards the sincerity of the handwritten sentiment, be that loving or loathing, and the fragility of the material article, its capacity to be lost and found in life’s flotsam and jetsam, rather than the text which loiters in cyberspace.