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On the Other Hand: Autocratic anxieties and democratic backsliding in India

In his political column, On the Other Hand, Hayden Barnes examines Narendra Modi’s autocratic and Islamophobic tendencies and their impact on the world’s biggest democracy. Artwork by Rachel Macnaghten.

“The clearest illustration of Hindu nationalism and supremacist ambitions is the Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB). In short, this bill grants citizenship to those who failed to qualify for the National Register of Citizens (NRC) – everyone except Muslims. The pluralism, the secularism, the multiculturalism, the cosmopolitanism of Gandhi and Nehru is being treated like an offensive building: knock it down, Modi says, and build something new.”

Credit: Michelle Mendieta Mean
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Climate anxiety and writing to cope: welcome to my column!

“Nothing is perhaps as existential and as daunting to comprehend as the climate and ecological crises. There are no greater problems facing me, you, or any of us than the fact that we are living in suicidal societies.”

In the first instalment of his Climate Column, Max Spokes introduces his column and examines why we should all be concerned about the climate crisis. Photo by Michelle Mendieta Mean.


More than a Fairytale: In defence of dragons

“When a dragon acts as a foil to the hero, their role is to reflect back all the qualities a hero must hide in order to be, well, a ‘hero’. A dragon is the sort of ‘person’ they would love to be but just can’t because of the endless pressure to look permanently pure and picture perfect.”

In the first instalment of her column, More than a Fairytale, Jess Steadman explores the history and cultural importance of dragons (and wyrms). Artwork by Chen (Cornelia) Chen.

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On the Other Hand: The view from the fence

“Boris Johnson, Priti Patel, Matt Hancock – these people must be opposed, Starmer must present a viable alternative. His Labour has to embrace its radical side, because the Conservatives have embraced theirs.”

In the first instalment of his political commentary column, On the Other Hand, Hayden Barnes examines Kier Starmer’s failure to provide any sort of opposition to the government. Illustration by Ipsita Sarkar.

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Disability Looks Like This: On my OCD, fear of plug sockets, and pigeon logic

“If I properly listened to the disorder, I’d wrap everyone I loved in bubble wrap and wrap myself up in it too and put us all in a room with walls and floors made of pillows and make sure we took our vitamins every single day and then maybe I wouldn’t ever have to be anxious again. But even that probably wouldn’t work.”

In the first instalment of her column, Disability Looks Like This, Ellie Redpath explores her experience of OCD and its pervasiveness in her daily life.